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The blog is best viewed from right to left in groups of five pictures. Usually, I group them with an idea or theme. Sometimes a large picture or quote will move things out of place but you should be able to follow. I blog for myself as a fun way to be creative and relax. This isn't a content specific blog, it's random, filled with the contents of my head and heart. I don’t blog to gain a high follower count. I don’t follow anyone. If people want to follow me, that's great! I prefer people follow me simply because they like my blog and not because it’s a trade off, i.e. I follow you, so you follow me. On occasion I like an item and heart it.

All content is taken from the net. I include credit and link back to original when possible. If you see an item and it's yours and you want it removed just contact me and I will remove it.

To those who follow my blog: Thank you!

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    Oh my god please I wanna marry in a dress like this. Only not white.
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